About Us

Schofield & Smith manufacture fine English worsted cloth

Since 1904, Schofield & Smith have been manufacturing the finest suiting and jacketing fabrics, using only the highest quality yarns.

We manufacture using only the best quality raw materials, and supply cloths ranging from All Wool Super 100’s, to our fine Super 150’s lightweight collection. We pride ourselves on our exclusive Super 120’s Wool & Silk jacketing collection.

All of the cloths designed by Schofield & Smith are woven in Huddersfield, and bear the “Made In Huddersfield” woven selvedge.

We produce orders swiftly, and can weave pieces to specific customer requirements. Our pieces are double checked at every stage of production to ensure superior quality.

Our large warehouse space allows us to hold stock of our supported collection onsite at Upper Mills, meaning that we are able to despatch orders quickly and efficiently.

Cut length orders received by 11am UK time are usually processed and despatched on the same day. There is no minimum order on our stock supported cloth.

Groves and Lindley

Groves and Lindley are the merchanting division of Schofield & Smith.

Groves and Lindley supply bunches to tailors on Savile Row, throughout the UK, into Europe and Internationally.

Our team of agents regularly visit customers to update the bunches and help with any enquiries. Their knowledge of our collection gives our customers the confidence to order our fabrics on a regular basis.

For travelling tailors, Groves & Lindley can also supply our bunches in travel set form. Our collections are regularly shown at European and International trade shows.

“Service and Quality” is our motto, and remains our main consideration.

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