"Happening" - Formal wear Collection

"Happening" - Formal wear Collection

A comprehensive collection of fabrics designed for the most special of occasions, in qualities and weights to suit, whatever the weather!
Quality J – Super 100’s Lightweight Suiting – 230gms
Quality JLT – 75% Super 120’s Wool, 25% Silk Suiting – 290gms
Quality JXP – Super 150’s Lightweight Suiting – 210gms
Quality L – Finest Super 180’s Wool Suiting – 220gms
Quality T – Super 120’s Midweight Suiting – 300gms
Quality TK – 70% Super 120’s Wool, 30% Kid Mohair Lightweight Suiting – 220gms
Quality TR – Super 120’s Trousering Fabric – 320gms
Quality TRH – All Wool Trousering – 440gms
Quality TS – Super 130’s Lightweight Suiting – 250-280gms
Quality TX – Super 150’s Barathea Suiting – 350gms
Quality VSP – Super 130’s Lightweight, Plain Dye Suiting – 230gms

Our most cherished memories are the moments in life filled with joy and celebration. We invite you to embrace those moments in elegance and the finest attire.

With a full range of cloths tailored for every formal occasion, we will help you celebrate in style, and with grace and class.

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